Why to buy from Robertson Shizuoka

Manufacturing Compliance and Certifications


Compliance and Certifications

1. Our Products are manufactured at a company which is Quality Management Systems ISO9001 certified.

2. Our Products are manufactured at a company which is Environmental Management Systems ISO14001 certified.

3. The products being sold by us are manufactured at operation which is inspected by Organic Crop Improvement Association and is certified under US National Organic program (NOP) and is in Compliance with OCIA standards


Great Satisfaction by Using Product From Us


Great Satisfaction

1. The Great Quality and Taste.

2. Minimum or No Bitterness.

3. Pyramid Shape Bag: Green tea is packed in pyramid shape fine mesh tea bag which gives larger area for leaching the tea into the hot water to maximum extent and makes brewing quick and easy.

4. Individual pyramid shaped green teabag is packed in foil wrapper to ensure maintaining the original freshness.

Hundreds of Years of Superior Quality


The green tea from Shizuoka is packaged from consistently cultivated Quality Tea Leaves using the fine art and science of creating finest green tea. The highly desirable flavour from raw tea leaves requires a delicate balance of creativity and skill. There are several ways of producing green tea and the tea master must follow precise steps taken in a timely manner.

It is believed that the tea cultivation and production in Shizuoka region began during the Kamakura Period (1185-1333). The result of centuries of accumulated blending and processing wisdom and mastery is evident in each new cup of green tea from Shizuoka.


Robertson Shizuoka supplies Japanese green teas from the sources which has large, medium and small size operations and also directly from tea farmers.The suppliers collectively have several years of experience with precise skills and operate very clean facilities which have certifications likeISO 9001: the quality management Systems. ISO 14001: the environmental Management System, US National Organic program (NOP) USDA and OCIA compliancewhich is very important in a time when there is concern for food safety.
We are in constant contact with the Japanese green tea source from Shizuoka, Japan in an effort to bring our valued customers superior quality products.


Excellent Selection and Very Competitive Prices

Why Order Here

Why Order Here


Our source has office located in Shizuoka, Japan and has direct access to the several tea farmers, tea processors and finished tea packagers located in Shizuoka Prefecture and throughout the Japan. This allows us to respond quickly to changing market conditions and new products. As a result Robertson Shizuoka is able to offer Excellent Quality Japanese Green Tea to our customers.

The low overhead business model of Robertson Shizuoka permits to offer our products at very competitive prices. Our purchasing power allows us to buy at reduced prices and pass the savings directly to our valued customers thereby offering the products with substantially lower, prices.


We Care About the Worldwide Community We Serve

Robertson Shizuoka care about the worldwide community we serve. For the year 2016, we will donate part of our revenue to organisations working for people who need help for treating life threatening cancer and heart diseases.