Great Quality and Fresh Aroma

I am am benefiting by drinking the Premium Sencha and Genmai Matcha. I am very much conscious on quality of the products I use. I like the quality and fresh aroma of the Japanese Green Tea received from Robertson Shizuoka..

Huge Health Benefits

I have been consuming Green Tea received from you since last almost 3 months and I have lost 2 kg of my body weight with regular exercise and Green Tea. Thank you very much and I look forward to gain more Health Benefits from the Green Tea. My mother also has been consuming with me as well and she has great health benefits,
Capt. Sumant Raundal

My Weight Loss Partner

I am happy to share with you that I lost my weight from 74kg to 64kg and feeling more active after I started drinking Japanese green tea 4-5 times every day. By consuming the Japanese Green Tea daily, I feel that I could avoid potential increase of cholesterol level, Obesity and Diabetes in the future. Based on my own experience I recommend everyone specifically who are in high pressure and demanding jobs to inculcate habits of drinking Japanese Green Tea for healthier, longer and good life. However, please make sure that you consume the Green tea with excellent quality standards and from reliable sources. I always believe in high quality standards particularly for the products, I consume and may have potential impacts on my own body either way.
Gajendra A.