Japanese Green Tea/Genmai Matcha and Premium Sencha Green Tea Bags (Combo)/ Genmai Matcha and Premium Sencha Green Tea Bags (Combo)

Genmai Matcha and Premium Sencha Green Tea Bags (Combo)

50 Tea Bags in each pack: Total 100 Tea Bags

Premium Sencha tea bags have the outstanding taste giving the freshness and energy. Genmai Matcha tea bags have the same outstanding Taste as that of Premium Sencha. Genmai Matcha is a very tasty combination of Sencha, Genmai and Matcha (high-quality tea leaf powder).

**Free International Shipping with the order of 2 packs of Premium Sencha/Genmai Matcha/each from either two in one order.

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Buy Japanese Green Tea Online in Singapore

We take pride in our collection of green teas and provide you with the best of Japanese green tea online. Our green tea is not just a refreshing beverage; it is much more than that. They contain various health benefits; such as controlling your blood pressure, lowering the blood sugar level and preventing cancer. Other benefits include increasing your immunity and prevention of bad breath. The powerful antioxidants, such as Vitamin C and E restrain the ageing process in green tea. Catechin, which is an active ingredient in green tea, in fact, makes you look younger. With caffeine offering a stimulating effect and Catechin giving a mild, natural taste, green tea brings the best to you.

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