Fuji Premium Sencha Green Tea

100 Tea Bags (2 packs)

Premium Sencha tea bags have the outstanding taste giving the freshness and energy. The pyramid-shape fine-mesh teabag makes brewing quick and easy . Each tea bag is individually packaged in a foil wrapper to insure freshness.

**Free International Shipping with the order of 2 packs of Premium Sencha/Genmai Matcha/each from either two in one order.

₹ 4,200

Product Description

Buy Sencha Green Tea Bag

Sencha, the most popular type of Japanese tea, offers a natural taste that is sublime and mouth-watering, thus balancing sweetness and the bitter flavour. You can enjoy Sencha alone or with a variety of foods. Light and refreshing, this green tea will revive your mind and body. Blended carefully, Sencha offers a natural taste and flavour of the green tea. Experience our unique blend of Sencha, which promises a tender aroma, with a mild and full-bodied taste, blended into the tea. With highest standards and premium quality, our Sencha tea brings about an exquisite taste of the finest tea.

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