How to Brew Japanese Green Tea

There are fundamentally two methods of making Japanese green tea. First is the traditional way, of which there are numerous variations. Many people consider the traditional way to be time consuming and somewhat difficult. Second is the practical way. In their daily life they use the practical way because they want to enjoy drinking green tea as conveniently as possible. We present our explanation of the practical way as below:<br><br><br>


Water Quality

The taste of our Green Tea is generally mild and not overpowering. If your tap water tastes bad, then so probably will your green tea. We recommend fresh, filtered or bottled water without a lot of minerals for the best tasting tea.


Heating the Water-Different Equipments

Heat as much water as needed for the green tea you desire to drink. Many purists state it is necessary to bring the water to a boil for the best taste. We won’t dispute that, but we can’t taste the difference compared to when the water is not brought to a boil. For water heating purposes, either a kettle or microwave oven is fine. Nowadays, many Japanese homes and offices use an electric water dispenser, in which the temperature is set at a constant degree.


How Much Green Tea

2 grams per person or cup is sufficient. However, depending on your own taste, use as much tea as suits you. After gaining brewing experience, it won’t be necessary to actually measure the quantity.


Infusion Time

This will also vary with each green tea variety and your taste. But usually it is ranging 2-4 minutes.Please do not swirl or shake the teapot to speed up infusion because this may increase the bitterness of the tea.

Infusion Water Temperature

This will vary according to the variety of the green tea (please refer to images below). But our experience is that it should be just below boiling temperature i.e. 80-90 deg C. If the water has reached boiling point, then let it cool a few minutes, or add cooler water to bring the temperature down.

How to Brew our Teabags

img9.jpg Brewing our teabags is convenient and easy. It is important to pay attention to the water temperature (80-90 deg C) and infusion time (3-4 minutes). We will definitely guide you how to brew it in a best way but the best way is such that it tastes best to you. Please enjoy More Natural Drink-Japanese Green Tea from Robertson Shizuoka.

Other Notes

Japanese green tea from Robertson Shizuoka will usually not taste bitter. If a more astringent taste is desired, then increase the amount brewed, water temperature and brewing time. Conversely, if your brew tastes too bitter, then reduce the aforementioned factors.