How I Restore Health | The Pure Japanese Green Tea

Green Tea Leaves - Japan Shizuoka Prefecture

Green Tea Leaves – Japan Shizuoka Prefecture. Wikimedia

I’m the proud symbol of good health and have millions of fans and ardent followers across the globe. I am a popular beverage in most parts of the Asian continent, more so in Japan and China. And now I am growing popular amongst youngsters and the elderly in countries like India too.

You must have heard from many holistic health gurus like Mickey Mehta who have been generous in preaching about the goodness in me. But today I wish to enlist a few good things from all that has been spoken about me on different media by different people. This might make it easier for you to read and help get started towards a new and healthier way of life.
Green Tea Stall in Tokyo

Green Tea Stall in Tokyo. Image:

Immensely Popular, Yet Humble – Good Things I Do For You

1.     Tackle physical & mental fatigue
2.     Detoxify your entire body
3.     A potent antioxidant, I build your body’s immunity
4.     My anticarcinogenic properties are well known
5.     Promote gastric secretion, restore fluid balance in gastrointestinal infections
6.     Aid in digestion process
7.     Normalize your blood pressure
8.     Facilitate in weight reduction, a known bad fat burner
9.     Strengthen the walls of your blood vessels
10.  My antiviral properties are helpful in treating common cold
11.  Put a strong fight against pancreatic cancer
12.  Beneficial in cardiac and renal problems because of its diuretic effect on kidneys
13.  Help lower LDL cholesterol levels
14.  Improve functioning of the brain
15.  Stall neurodegenerative ailments like Alzheimer’s disease
16.  Prevent arthritis
17.  Protect from multiple sclerosis
18.  Suppress Ageing – Help you look younger
19.  Improve Skin Complexion
20.  Increase Longevity of Life

How Much Of Pure Japanese Green Tea Is Good For You Daily

I come in good ol’ tea bags, so you can conveniently store me in your kitchenette or drop me in your office bag or pockets. You can get a cup of hot water from and some sugar (if you are the sugar free kinds, you’ll need nothing more) and dip me in for a cool 5~6 minutes to extract the best out of me.
So just one cup of Japanese Green Tea in the morning and one more in the evening. You are well on your way to a better health regime. Simple, isn’t it? Buy online your first pack of Japanese Green Tea  today at!