About Robertson Shizuoka Healthier Products Pvt Ltd.

Robertson Shizuoka Healthier Products Pvt Ltd is privately held company registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India.

Our Mission

qualityBigBring Excellent Quality Healthcare and Wellness products to our customers at competitive prices to help Enriching Healthier Lifestyle and improving their health. Robertson Shizuoka supplies the Superior Quality Oral & Dental Care products and excellent Quality Japanese Green Tea from the Shizuoka region of Japan. In line with our MISSION, our primary objective is to bring the Superior Quality Oral & Dental Care products and Premium Quality, Finest Tasting Japanese Green Tea at the Most Competitive Prices to our customers to help Enriching the Healthier Lifestyle and improve their Health.

Core Values

We are committed to our Customers, Suppliers, Partners and Employees to achieve the high standards through strong belief and putting into action our core values as below.

We are committed to all our customers to maintain our core values in order to be Successful in our mission. We are confident that all of our customers will have a pride to be associated with Robertson Shizuoka Healthier Products Pvt. Ltd. and would help conveying your family members and friends to achieve our mission.