About Japanese Green Tea and Shizuoka


To achieve our business mission, Robertson Shizuoka takes this opportunity to share something special about Shizuoka, the source of our premium quality Japanese Green Tea.

After many years of waging bitter war in his successful quest to unite the divided Japanese archipelago into one country, Tokugawa Ieyasu decided to settle in Shizuoka (then Sumpu). There upon he lived his remaining years in comfortable semi-retirement. Beginning in 1603, Japan entered into the unprecedented 265-year Edo Era of peace under the Tokugawa Shogunate. While residing in Shizuoka, Ieyasu directed the construction of Sumpu Castle and energized the village into a bustling city. Historical evidence shows that the greatest of all shoguns was an avid Green Tea Drinker and even an accomplished master ofchado (Japanese Green Tea Ceremony). He lived to an astounding, at the time, age of 75. We think there is a connection between drinking green tea and his longevity.

Where is Shizuoka? Why Is It So Special?

Situated on the Pacific Ocean in central Japan, Shizuoka means Tranquil (shizu) Hills (oka) in Japanese. It is on these tranquil hills in Shizuoka Prefecture that some of the finest and premium tea leaves in the world are grown. Shizuoka is blessed with:

1. Unique terrain

2. Mineral rich soil

3. A mild four-season climate

4. Plenty of sunshine

5. Right amount of rainfall

6. Dense coastal fog-a special factor to grow superlative green tea leaves.

These are all the ingredients necessary to grow Superlative Green Tea Leaves.

There are several ways of producing green tea and the tea master must follow precise steps taken in a timely manner. There are three important factors to have fine quality Japanese green tea:

1. Consistently cultivating quality tea leaves

2. Fine art and science of creating finest green tea

Bringing out highly desirable flavour from raw tea leaves which requires a delicate balance of creativity and skill.

It is believed that the tea cultivation and production in Shizuoka began during the Kamakura Period (1185-1333). The result of centuries of experience in tea cultivation and production is the speciality of Green Tea from Shizuoka. The historic Tokai Road and only one hour travel from either Tokyo or Nagoya by Super-express train, lovely Shizuoka City is a convenient and worthwhile to stop. Sumpu Castle and Park are two of the many attractive tourist destinations to be discovered throughout Shizuoka Prefecture. Travelling in Shizuoka also makes it possible to see firsthand the ever accumulated blending and processing wisdom and mastery is evident in each new cup of Shizuoka green tea. Shizuoka is a wonderful place to visit & live in Japan’s National Treasure Fuji Mountain also rest in Shizuoka Prefecture. It is located on present and alluring fields of Green Tea.